Wrap Review: Toufayan

I feel like I need some really slick rap lines here. If only someone dropped a beat! And if only I could rap...

But today is not the day I create never-ending internet embarrassment for my nonexistent kids and grandchildren to tease me about. Maybe next week. Instead, here's some rap for you to enjoy while I rhapsodize about wraps.

so I'm really excited to review these wraps. A lot of what I've seen lately are wraps made with brown rice and other products that are probably pretty good but a bit intimidating as starters for a family that's just trying to make gluten free a bit more in line with the food they're used to. We bought Toufayan's Original Gluten Free wraps as our intro to this part of the Celiac-friendly world.

Sadly though these wraps have need sitting in the drawer untested for a few days. To prove to my dad that they're good, I ordered my wrap at work on one today (luckily for me they had the same brand!). It's with carving turkey, cranberry sauce, cheddar cheese and some veggies with a side salad. 

This wrap tasted like a typical tortilla, which was just what I was hoping for. It was a tiny bit smaller and less pliable than what I'm used to, almost like a flour tortilla that's been out of the bag for an hour, but not like it was stale in any way. I'm used to wraps that are rolled and then folded on the ends, but that wasn't really possible here, which was fine since there weren't really little things that could fall out of the roll. 

The biggest win here was that it didn't taste out of place. No funky flavors or surprising textures, just a normal wrap like I'd have any other day. Thanks for making this a normal experience, Toufayan!


What are your thoughts on Toufayan and their other wrap flavors? And what other gluten free wrap brands am I missing out on?