Gluten-Free Stir Fry Sauces

The latest how-to-avoid-gluten-but-live-normally problem for our beloved Celiacs surrounds a savory dish we all love: stir fry. A lot of restaurants say they have gluten-free options, but going to the restaurant after calling and checking has resulted in: "You can have chicken with one of these two vegetables". And that's not fair! Who doesn't want to pick their own Asian-style sauce over their steak (okay vegetarians I know you don't) with inappropriate amounts of rice to have after wayyy to many apps and soups? Well, to help avoid that nightmare I'm here to show you how to make stir fry your way at home.

I'll have a whole separate post in the next few days in our Cooking section outlining how to make your own stir fry, but I thought I'd start off today telling you about the gluten free products I use. Pre-Celiac family, I originally made stir fry with hoisin sauce, oyster sauce, and teriyaki. I'm not super big on soy sauce but we always had it around.

Now in our post-gluten world, I had to rethink my sauces. Hoisin and oyster sauce still come in gluten-free versions, but teriyaki and soy are a bit trickier. One of soy sauce's primary ingredients is wheat, so it took a little doing to find g-free soy sauce. The bigger issue was really that most teriyaki contains soy, and we really couldn't find any on our first attempt. Instead, we came home from Wegmans with their gluten-free stir fry sauce.

Our new roster

Our new roster

When I was playing around with these ingredients the first time, I found that the premade stir fry sauce was a little off what I wanted to taste. It was a little too sweet and too thin, like a marinade, and lacked the flavors I wanted. So I toyed around with the hoisin and oyster, which alone without the teriyaki would have been pretty boring flavors. Together they made a delicious combination, although very different from the gluten-packed stir fries of my past.

Any suggestions on stir fry components I'm missing? Have you found a great g-free teriyaki brand?