Beer Review: Steadfast Pale Ale

Recently I stopped at one of the larger liquor stores (or "packies" if you're from New England since they're package stores) near work on my way home, and bought a bunch of singles of different gluten-free beers that I hadn't seen before. It seems like most places have Omission, Redbridge, and Glutenberg as their standard gluten-free/gluten removed beers, so this seemed like a fun way to check out a whole new variety of gluten free beer without the job of having a whole pack to finish after you basically decided if you liked it or not after drinking the first one (Yes, I did just say drinking is a job).

So this post will begin a series of four gluten free beer reviews from what I found on this trip. First up: Steadfast Beer Co. At the store (where prices are among the lowest I've found in New England), a single bottle of their Pale Ale will run you about $2.50. There were two options in that section for Steadfast: the Pale Ale and a Blonde Ale. I picked the Pale Ale since it looked a little more up my dad's alley, but looking at the website and based  on my dad's review of this I think we're going to have to start stocking up on all sorts of Steadfast products.

Steadfast's motto is "Gluten Free Beer for Beer Geeks," and their website has five interesting year-round and seasonal beers from a Pumpkin Spice Ale in the fall to a 2nd Anniversary Bier de Garde. Everything Steadfast makes is completely gluten-free, meaning they're brewing with gluten free products instead of removing gluten later in the process like Omission and other gluten-removed brands.

The Sorghum Pale Ale is described as a hoppy, citrusy, medium-bodied beer on the tag at the store, and online as having "Notes of burnt sugar, bread, and caramel followed by spicy alcohol flavors and a hint of molasses sweetness. Mid-sip, look for an explosion of hop bitterness and grapefruit-like hop flavor, and brace for a lingering dry finish mingled with tropical fruit notes." My dad isn't someone who's going to mince words though. As his endorsement, he noted that it's has one of the highest alcohol contents of the gluten free beers he's found (true at 6.8% ABV), and that it tastes to him like a hoppy IPA. This is ringing praise from someone who preferred a high-test hoppy beer back in his gluten-full days.

It's comforting to know that there's a brand out there that really gets it - not only are they making a product you know is totally safe for Celiacs, but it's also made by people who appreciate the art of craft beer. Although I'm no beer expert, I love knowing that there are gluten free options for the fam that don't make you feel like you're missing out on anything. Definitely going back to the store for a few packs of these!

Have you tried Steadfast Sorghum Pale Ale? What else do you recommend we try from Steadfast?