Chip and Salsa Review: Trader Joe's and Frontera

When you need a little salty snack just before dinner or just after ice cream - seriously, there is nothing I crave more after ice cream than a salty crispy chip - there is nothing like chips and salsa. But sometimes you want something a little more exciting than white corn tortilla chips and red salsa.


For those days I'm a huge fan of Trader Joe's Organic Stone Ground Blue Corn Tortilla Chips (whew, that's a mouthful) with some Frontera Tomatillo salsa. I already went on my Frontera rant the other day - this Mexican restaurant makes O'Hare tolerable - and I think I've mentioned my love for TJ's in the past. But the two together are a match made in heaven.


The tortilla chips look and are way healthier than normal chips - full of sprouted amaranth (oh you're asking me what it is? Wikipedia says it's "a cosmopolitan genus of annual or short-lived perennial plants" so THERE), quinoa and chia seeds. Normally reading a list of ingredients like that would be a bit of a turn-off for someone who runs from super healthy foods, but these chips are salty and thick with a nice blue color so you feel like you're eating something fancy and exciting. 



Alone or with normal salsa these chips are fine, but not earth-shattering. The Frontera tomatillo salsa has a beautiful bright green color with little pieces of tomatillo. Normally I'm not a fan of chunks (ugh that word is worse to me than "moist") in salsa, but the tomatillo bits are totally inoffensive and have a sweet taste with some heat behind them. The chips and salsa together here result in a substantial snack with solid, lightly salted chips that are complemented by the tang and zip of the salsa. You start eating them for the sweet and salty factor, and all of a sudden you're hunting down water because there's more heat in there than you expected. Probably about 2 fire emoji's worth. 

One of the best parts about this particular gluten free match is that you won't walk away with that bloated feeling I usually have after gorging on chips and salsa midday. The chips have very little sodium and only enough salt for a good taste, and with all those other healthy ingredients you'll fulfill a craving and without feeling like you ate something unhealthy.

What's your favorite gluten free snack when you're craving something salty? Any other outside-the-box chip and salsa combos I should check out?