Just Got Paid: Money Money Money Money (and Alcoholic Seltzer)

For all the late '90s/early 2000s music fans in the house, happy Friday from my best friends *NSYNC (still a big debate: *NSYNC or 'NSYNC? Even iTunes can't seem to figure it out). For the more hip crowd, "Hello Friday." However you say it, the sentiment is the same: work is over! Time for a drink, a nap, and an outing (or just catching up on your DVR queue, no judgement).

Yesterday at work I sampled a new alcoholic seltzer during our "Thirsty Thursday" hour (Yes, I can't believe it's a real thing at work either). Sadly, that brand -Nauti Seltzer - is delicious but not gluten free.  I really wanted some alcoholic seltzer after that though, so I stopped in at Wegman's today (full disclosure: it was for champagne and their fresh-squeezed OJ for mimosas tomorrow) and was excited to see a new line of alcoholic seltzer, and this brand is gluten free!

I'm sipping on a Truly Spiked & Sparkling alcoholic seltzer right now, poured over ice with a lime wedge. This is really a perfect evening seltzer, with the taste of a real seltzer and only a slight malt liquor taste that Spiked Seltzer has that reminds you this is not something you should take while you go out to run your errands. Unless you walk or take public transport to do your errands, in which case drink away!

There's "hint of" Pomegranate, Grapefruit&Pomelo, and Colima Lime flavors in six pack bottles at a 5% ABV - I went with the lime since it seems like the most traditional way to rate seltzers, and the most versatile option for my potential drink combinations. I didn't notice anything special about the Colima part, just got a regular hit of lime flavor, but my sister made a fabulous suggestion that the lime version would be a great "tonic" to switch up the usual vodka tonic.

The most interesting thing about these seltzers right now though is that they're part of Boston Beer Company, who owns Samuel Adams. The seltzers are clearly marked on the bottles and packaging as gluten free, but other than the related articles I've found searching it that link Truly to BBC, I can't find any homepage or site dedicated to the product. It's really exciting to see a major beer company moving into the gluten free market and I'm looking forward to what their next move will be, although it is strange there's no major marketing right now devoted to this product line. 

Pricewise these are right on par with other alcoholic seltzers of similar sizes, but other than the slightly less boozy taste (which goes along with slightly less booze) of Truly versus others like Spiked Seltzer, there really isn't much of a difference. I'll definitely try out the other versions as well, and likely use this as a base for other drinks where I'd use the higher proof seltzers to drink on their own. Still, beautiful packaging, great taste, and I love having another option in the alcoholic seltzer world! Nothing like a little competition, especially when it's gluten free. 

Happy weekend!