Dough Review: Pillsbury Thin Crust Pizza Dough

Hmm. This is definitely one I'm going to need some feedback on and suggestions for. 

Im wondering if there's something better to use this for, like thin crust homemade pizza or pretzels to have with gluten free beer. But as a big-pig-in-a-blanket dough, I wasn't super impressed with this gluten free dough.


There was the familiar and pretty distracting scent of pigs in a blanket as they cooked, and the dough seemed pretty normal to use (except for having to grease it up to use, but a pair of gloves helped avoid making us slippery messes). Even as very thin layers wrapped around hot dogs though, this alternative came out a little too hard on the outside while staying a bit doughy where the pay toughest the hot dog. This crisp layer had a normal taste, but you definitely can't bite into them unless you're interested in fake teeth. Even cutting through with a knife was a little difficult, producing a loud bang as the knife finally broke through the hot dog and the piece jumped a little bit from finally breaking free.

What are your thoughts? Did we wrap this too thickly, or do you use it for something else? At about $6 this would be a pretty expensive pretzel but it might be worth it with Auntie Anne's out of the picture for Celiacs. Any other dough you'd recommend for these hot dog alternatives?