Sippin on Gin and...Tonic

Alright Snoop Dogg (Lion? Is it Dogg again? I'm 25 and I'm too old for this, Snoop), I see you.

Perhaps the worst part of becoming a Celiac if you're a fan of beer is giving up all that wheat. I mean, your body is definitely thanking you, but your taste buds may not be. We'll rank some g-free beers and ciders in future segments, but I today feels right to start talking about gin. Why today? Why not.

Well, to be fair: dear ol' dad is not into vino, none of us are big fans of tequila (for you hardos out there though - make sure yours says "100% agave"), from my research vodka is a bit of a slippery slope in terms of is there gluten/no gluten, rum is very sophomore year of college (but okay the Captain and Bacardi 151, Gold, Superior and flavored ones are gucci), and sadly for whiskey you can really only hang out with my boy Jack.

So, without further ado...

Time to drink gin! 

We usually stay pretty classic with Beefeater, Bombay or Tanqueray, but I bought some Hendrick's recently to go "wild" - and I'm pretty pleased with it! Not sure it's better for me than the others for the price, but sure looks cute:


I'll be honest with you dear reader - and it's only cause you're immensely attractive - I think plain old Schweppes is the best tonic water. I tried two versions of Fever Tree (the things I do for you!): Premium and Naturally Light. My goal was to make a version of the acclaimed Madrid "gin tonics," but I'm afraid our resources in the US just can't measure up (or at least my local packies  can't). If you're feeling a bit wild though, I am also a huge fan of Spiked Seltzer. Their gluten-free seltzers have 6% alcohol and 4 delicious flavors. They're great on their own, but substituting the Lime Spiked Seltzer for your normal tonic water really amps up your drink game. (Sidebar: Spiked Seltzer is not endorsing this but if someone there is reading this and wanted to send me some more to test...I'd be more than happy to be your quality assurance!)

I can hear you through the screen - no, this is not just a summer drink! yes, you must use real limes (although to all you lime-addicts out there: sure, spring for some extra lime juice you sassy lady)! who uses shot glasses to measure anymore?! Oh okay sorry mom. Yep, got it. Definitely will measure next time.

Enjoy this delicious bev tonight - you deserve it. And seriously if you have any details on the best gins/tonics/mixing methods or bar secrets to rival the Madrid gin tonics please fill me in in the comments! I'll owe you one (but I will measure that double shot fo sho). 

Happy weekend!