Breadcrumb Review: 4C



I never thought I would find gluten-free products that are better than the gluten-full alternative. Well, except when I first made that Betty Crocker cookie mix that were so good I could pretend they were homemade. But 4C's gluten-free breadcrumbs might just outdo that. Seriously. Breadcrumbs.

We're not big on frying in our house, since hot oil is not fun and a house that smells like fried food is not super appealing the next day when the scent is still wafting around. My dad has always been a fan of chicken parm though, and he'll usually lightly fry them in a bit of olive oil in a saute pan then bake it in the oven the rest of the way. Our gluten-full version was delicious - well breaded with a bit of a crisp on tender chicken.

Using gluten-free 4C crumbs instead of the regular g-full version made this chicken restaurant quality. The consistency of the gluten-free crumbs made the chicken full-on crispy, as if we had deep fried it but skipped all the greasy parts. The chicken itself remained full of flavor and moist (what a word I know), while the crust was salty, with minimal flake and optimal dryness (no sogginess between the chicken and breading). This meal was just begging for inappropriate amounts of cheese, and alongside some gluten free Barilla pasta and Pellicano's Olive Oil and Romano sauce this was the perfect restaurant-at-home dinner.


Any other gluten free breadcrumb brands I should try, or recommendations for other gluten free items to add to my shopping cart?