Cookie Mix Review: Betty Crocker

And right out of left field, Betty's murdering the gluten-free cookie mix after some stellar gluten-filled treats in our pre-Celiac past.

What a  winner.

I have to say this cookie mix went beyond even the gluten cookie mixes I've tried in the past. Definitely different from the commercial rolls of dough in the grocery store aisle, but this is fine because they go in the complete opposite direction.

They taste homemade.

That is basically the highest praise I can give any sort of premade chocolate chip cookies, and I think I'm a rather tough judge. The box came together with your standard add-in ingredients easily enough - my only real recommendation is to make sure you're using a rubber spatula to help meld everything together nicely. My dad had started off with a big spoon which was just catching all the mix and not incorporating everything, and we worried at first it was missing som moisture. The trick here though is to use your spatula to sort of must everything down in big sort of brushstrokes, forcing it together and incorporating it so it looks more like your standard messy dough.


I did add a tiny bit of extra g-free gluten extract because I think it just adds a special something. And I insisted that we let it sit for about ten minutes - just to try to give it a little time to incorporate.

These cooked up in the standard 10 minute time range. At first I worried they'd be too gooey since we pulled them out once they were golden on the top and looked ready to fall into place once they're out of the oven. When they didn't fall I worried they needed some extra time but after letting them sit for a few minutes they were just fine - chewy without being firm and with a little life to 'em. 

I think the highlight of any store-bought snack is the ability to pretend you made it from home and that it took a lot of work. If you're looking to impress, and save your Celiac self or friends and family this holiday season from a lot of pain, these should be your pick. They're not inexpensive, but to be able to dole out a gluten-free product that tastes like made-from-scratch chocolate chip cookies (that for all your taste buds know could be packed with real flour) in about 20 minutes definitely makes it worth it. Well done, Bets.