Klippy's Cookies Review: Cookies R Us

Does anyone else have cookie cravings that involve you stopping for a half tub of dough on the way home from work? No? Oooooookay then.

While I love a good Tollhouse tub since you can make a few cookies on the go (or just have a spoonful before bed), there really aren't any saveable gluten free cookie dough offerings. I was impressed then when I was traveling in San Francisco recently and came upon Gluten Free Klippy's cookies at a local coffee shop (fine it was a Starbucks - I was dying and there wasn't a Peet's nearby I'M SORRY). 

After noticing the big "Gluten Free" label, I was struck by the softness of the actual cookie. Tactile people offending other shoppers by touching everything at the register, unite! Typically there's a serious issue with gluten free bakery items staying fresh and soft (see: my first and last attempt at making gluten free bread).

Klippy's is a San Francisco Bay Area company, with a variety of nut free, gluten free and, as you can see with this particular cookie below, vegan options. Locally you can also purchase the kind of amazing cookie dough tubs I so adore. In addition to chocolate chip, you can find Snickerdoodle, Ginger Spice, Old Fashioned Oatmeal, and Chocolate Sea Salt; along with speciality GF flour blends. They only had chocolate chip, but sadly at $5 a cookie and with a well-stocked carry on already I definitely couldn't afford additional options if they'd had them.



So how was it? It smelled amazing, and was one of the softest and most freshly-baked packaged cookies I've come across in a while (gluten free or full). Since I'm an amazing daughter - and due to the high price and lack of space mentioned above - I sacrificed the single GF cookie for my GF dad. He decided it was delicious! I would have warmed it up for a few seconds but in a true dad spirit he didn't want to waste any time getting that cookie from the bag to his face. 

You can buy their dough and cookies online, but with the cheapest option ($54 for 24 cookies) coming in around $2/cookie - as long as you hit the $48 minimum for free shipping - I'm honestly not sure if I'd give it a go. Bringing cookies home directly from the city they're manufactured in makes sense, but I always wonder about quality for bulk items being shipped across the country.

Heres hoping I'm wrong and others have had these delicious treats shipped all over the place! Have you tried Klippy's cookies? Any feedback or suggestions for your favorite local GF snack?