Cluck Cluck! TJ's Gluten Free Stuffing Review


This is a super delayed post. Like, so delayed I wrote the original version a month or two after Thanksgiving 2016 and the original opening told people that although the post was delayed, the could go screw. Imagine my delight then that I find this right before Thanksgiving 2017 - right as I’ve been reminding myself to stop at a Trader Joe’s For another box. Thank you past Kerry for taking care of Future Kerry!**


Since our family went gluten free for holidays, we haven't attempted to make any stuffing. We weren't huge on it for Thanksgiving anyway, but last year I was really jonesing some (this is where my mother would pop in and say "Kerry you never CRAVE anything I just don't believe that" -  just want you to know my life and everyday struggles) and luckily we had a box of Trader Joe's Gluten Free Stuffing downstairs. 

I'll be honest - I wasn't expecting much. Something about pre-packaged bread  (gluten or no) in a box ready to use tends to lower expectations. But this was a huge freaking win! I could eat it all the time. Everything came together so well, just by following the basic instructions.



What resulted after a quick mix and bake was one of the most amazing, homemade-knockoff sides I've ever made from a box! With such a simple mix, I ended up with a (Food Word Trigger Warning) moist mix that had some amazing crispy pieces - the best part to me - after a few minutes under the broiler. The gluten free bread "croutons" in the mix wasn't noticeable versus gluten full bread in a typical stuffing; maybe because gluten bread is typically stale for this recipe so the xantham gum I usually note immediately wasn't noticeable in a baked mix? For whatever reason, the bread was perfect, the seasoning was noticeable without being overwhelming, and I really appreciated not having to do any extra sautéing or prep for additonal ingredients to end up with, as the Great British Bake Off would say, "a showstopper."


Once again, Trader Joe's swoops in with the win - thanks for redeeming another foodie event.


Are you a fan of traditional US Thanksgiving and leftovers? Any gluten free faves?









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