June and Jazz (JK, just Bagels)

Well, theoretically there could be jazz too, that's totally up to you. Nothing better than some jazz on the way to work in the morning when you're in bumper-to-bumper traffic and pumping your A/C to max. Speaking of A/C: it's June! How did that happen? I feel like I blinked and we showed up here, and as Beyoncé would say, "I ain't sorry" about it. I am sorry though that I haven't posted in so long. Let's remedy that.

Bagels! Although some might focus on a summer bod, I say summer is time to enjoy life, and bagels are definitely a part of life. Especially now that there are delicious gluten free bagel options. Today we kick it off with Sweet Note's "Plain...but extraordinary" gluten free bagels. I was a little nervous at first when I saw these bad boys in the freezer aisle since they're not as large as the regulation gluten-filled bagels I'vet experienced, but after reading all sorts of rave reviews online I couldn't pass them up. My dad immediately went for a breakfast sandwich, and while it was a great vehicle for his egg-and-cheese needs, he said they would be even better with cream cheese. He described them as very dense and heavy - which in my world is just what a bagel should be - with a distinct texture that doesn't really match that of gluten bagels but isn't at all bad. I think the best way to get these going is to slice in half, microwave for a little while (30 seconds or so) then toast them, to give them a chance to perk up and toast properly instead of trying to stick them right in the toaster.

Sweet Note has a range of flavors, from always available plain, cinnamon and everything to seasonal favorites like French toast and tomato basil and online exclusives like poppy, salt and something called "Unicorn Rainbow." They seem to have an ample assortment of "Ugly Bagels" you can order online based on their three main types, and there's a big note on their site about new availability at CVS, not sure of the assortment there. Their products are all gluten, soy, dairy, nut and egg free, plus they're vegan (if that matters to you, if it does Yes I hear you announcing it from here!!).

Really excited to find some great gluten free bagels! If only they were a bit cheaper...

Any favorite Sweet Note flavors I need to try? What do you out on your bagels?