I Still Love You, TJ: Brownie Crisp Review

Oh, Trader Joe's. I should be sad that after ages of insanely delicious gluten free food, you've finally let me down with a product. I mean, the white sandwich bread, hard shell tortillas, waffle mix, and cornbread mix are all game changers. It feels like I've gushed in every post I've written about my boy TJ at an almost embarrassing level. But instead of feeling disappointed in Trader Joe's because of their lackluster Brownie Crisps, I almost feel relieved.

I saw a tweet raving about these gluten free brownies, so as soon as I saw them in the house I was Ready. To. Go. From the moment I opened the bag though I started to realize this wasn't going to be as exciting as I expected. The brownies are indeed "crispy," but in a way that they look more dehydrated than anything else, and their crispy-ness results in a bunch of broken down pieces as they jostle around in the bag.

My ideal brownies are served hot and just barely cooked, where you end up with a fudgy gooey mess full of pieces of chocolate; so I probably wasn't the ideal tester for this crispy prepackaged version. Even so, these definitely let me down since they had very little true chocolate flavor, broke apart into billions of crumbs in your hands on the way to your mouth, and had that xantham gum feeling (where your teeth almost feel like they're sticking together) that I've documented my hatred for in the past. 

Trader Joe's, thank you for reminding me that no one is perfect. Next time I need some brownies though I'm going straight for the at-home gluten free brownie recipe I have on deck.