Beer Review: Ipswich Celia Saison

It's too early to talk about drinking, you say? It's Tuesday morning, you say? Come on kiddos! Live a little! Unless you're at work or operating a motor vehicle; which honestly on Tuesday morning it's probably 90% likely you're doing one of those. So fine! You win. Party pooper. Use this to plan ahead for later - unless you're free from jobs and cars after hitting the lottery in which case have one for me please! I'll be working when this post is scheduled to appear.

Back to the beer! As part of the enduring gluten free beer tasting series, I purchased a whole bunch of single beers for my dad and had him rate them. Up today is Ipswich Celia Saison. Right off the 12 ounce-bottle-bat you can tell they're going for a certain crowd. The cheerful nude woman poised atop oranges and vases (the vase part confuses me but, um, okay?) pretty tastefully announces that this is going to be a Fancy Beer. Which I'm really into - there's something about making an announcement with your label instead of just using words to explain what you're offering that says "Not only am I artsy AF, I put a lot of work into my marketing because I'm proud of my product." Am I reading too much into one label? Probably. But I felt like good things were coming here.

Other positive attributes of Celia Saison: made without gluten (Sorghum and a Belgian yeast strain), made locally (for New Englanders that is), and a 6.5% ABV. My dad decided it was smooth, with a "subtle orange taste" which made me think of Blue Moon. Reading up on Celia Saison, the "spicy" taste of Sorghum is mentioned in accompaniment with the previously mentioned Belgian yeast strain, and the company also touts their Curaçao orange peels and Celeia hops.

At $2.79 for a single bottle, Celia Saison runs in the higher end of the gluten free beer we've sampled in this experiment. I'd recommend it as a treat with a fancy dinner if available, or for a craft beer-style bev to sip at one of those "What's your favorite book right now"/semi-hardo-I-only-drink-beers-no-one's-heard-of events that you don't really want to go to but know will give you some good stories for later. I'm also interested in Ipswich's other gluten free options - are there any? Their website is under construction and, other than ringing endorsements of the Celia Saison, I couldn't find anything else for them that was g-free relevant.

Have you tried Ipswich Celia Saison? Any favorite gluten free beers you'd recommend?