Trader Joe's Gluten Free Pancake & Waffle Mix

Happy Valentines Day! Well, belated but the thought's still there. Here's hoping you had a wonderful day with others or appreciating the fact that you're the most hilarious, intelligent, fabulous person you know. With pancakes. If there was nothing else, there should have been pancakes.

If there weren't; get off your lazy bum and grab a box of Trader Joe's Gluten Free Buttermilk Pancakes & Waffles Mix, we're making 'em now!

Although I am the type of person that goes all in with their pancakes - butter and syrup are both musts (hey, why not if we're already carb-loading?!) - I definitely would recommend one or the other here for people that aren't big on toppings, since you'll want a little something to brighten up the typically-pancake-like-flavor. Which is to say, pancakes are made to embellish! They are your blank food canvas to make as exciting as you'd like, so go wild!

The pancakes come out looking just like gluten-full pancakes - thick and golden, with those perfect batter waves throughout and soft layered edges. Taste-wise they're pretty much on par as well: dense, not too doughy, and with a good balance that compliments anything you add in - think berries or chocolate chips - or on top. 

My biggest qualm with these guys was the way they were layered. I was able to use my fork to cut off pieces - a must in my pancake world - but once I broke off a piece it almost immediately separated into a top and bottom section. I don't think the pancakes themselves were too thick, but something in their little pancake hearts (ha! Pun intended) decided to quit once a section was cut off. Every. Single. Time. This was not an issue in terms of taste, but it was a little bit annoying, especially when tinier pieces kept breaking off resulting in a few pancake-crumble-syrup-roadblocks on my plate. Again, not a major issue, but a different experience to be aware of, especially since the syrup and butter hadn't permeated the top layer, forcing me to keep adding little pours of syrup here and there to give the bottom layer some love.

All in all, I left with a nice full stomach and a little sugar high that encouraged my Gilmore Girls-watching binge, so a big thanks (as always) to Trader Joe's for being an enabler! Have you tried Trader Joe's mix? Any other favorite gluten free pancake mixes or recipes?