Cookie Review: Immaculate Cookie Dough

C is for Cookie, that's good enough for me! Isn't it weird that a song like that is totally ingrained in whole generations every time they're thinking of a treat? That millions of people identify with a furry blue creature that encourages excessive consumption of anything edible nearby? 

Anywhoo. We've had these Immaculate Gluten Free Chocolate Chip cookies in our fridge for a while now, ready to test out. They come prepared as break and bake cookies, and look just like any old break and break style cookie would when you're preparing them. As I've found to be the trend with gluten free items, the recommended baking time is a little off from what looks best with the product - in this case cooking them for a normal time leaves them a bit crispy-looking. Full disclosure: I usually purposely underbake cookies to leave as much of the gooey, potentially salmonella-ey dough available for my immediate consumption. So this may have a little more to do with personal preference than it does with the actual baking time.


These cookies had a good amount of crunch on the outside of the cookie, while maintaining a soft, chewy center. The ratio of cookie-t- chocolate-chip is never as high as I'd like, but this was a pretty traditional rationing. All in all, these tasted like any sort of gluten-full premade cookie, with one teeny tiny exception that I might be called a nitpicker for: the small bit of xantham gum bite at the end of chewing. Maybe it's because I noticed it while making a crumb cake a few weeks ago, but after spilling it during that episode and experiencing the true gummy catastrophe that occurs when it's mixed with water on land (the counter), it was easy to notice it at sea (while eating the cake. Is that a really gross metaphor? Ugh it probably is. But whatever sticking with it). There's this barely noticeable little gummy taste at the end of chewing something with xantham gum, almost like thinking your upper and lower teeth are going to stick together for a millisecond. For most people it's probably not an issue, and honestly for the first few bites of something I don't really notice it. Even so, it's definitely worth noting just in case someone tells me I'm not alone in my irritation!

All in all, I'd say these are pretty tasty cookies. They wouldn't be my top choice, especially after the magic of Betty Crocker Gluten Free Cookie Mix, but they'll definitely fit the bill if you're looking for a quick and easy option.

Have you tried Immaculate products? What do you think about these cookies? Any other gluten free break and bake brands I need to try?