Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream

How there are people in the world that still haven't heard of Ben & Jerry's baffles me. How have you lived this long?! This little beacon of lactose-love founded in Vermont brings so much happiness, be it in the form of a pint of at a tiny, tie-dye store. If you ever make it up to their factory, you can take a tour and sample potential new flavors (when I was there I sampled the Strawberry Cheesecake before it was released!) and buy purple mini shovel-shaped spoons and "Body By Ben & Jerry's" shirts. There's all sorts of festivals and adventures during the summer, so if you're ever looking for a road trip stop, pencil this in.

For all those other times you have ice cream cravings though, a pint or visit to a store more local to you will have to do. Ben & Jerry's carefully tracks what is in each type of ice cream, and marks pints with anything they may contain "wheat," "nuts," etc. instead of saying it's gluten free. If you head to a shop though you'll be treated to a list of exactly what types of ice cream and sorbet you can have.

We stopped at the Thayer Street location in Providence this weekend after an afternoon venturing around the RISD Museum (something else you have to add to your road trip list!!). The woman serving us asked if my dad's gluten problem was severe, which is apparently a standard question there to ascertain what precautions to take while scooping. Dad responded he has Celiac, and she went out of her way to open a new Chunky Monkey and gave him two very hefty scoops. 

Thanks to Ben & Jerry's for making the gluten free experience easy, and for making your ice cream so freaking good. Phish Food forever!