Beer Review: Bard's Gold

Next up in our gluten-free beer series: Bard's Sorghum Beer! Bard's touts their American Lager as "The Original Sorghum Malt Beer," and since I'm not a gluten free beer historian I'll give it to 'em. Created by two Celiac friends, Bard's offers one type of 4.6% ABV beer. In these scenarios I always wonder if this is a warning sign. Is the company  not happy enough with their single product to feel comfortable trying something new? But maybe it's the opposite - once they feel they've perfected a product why not put all of their  focus on distributing and advertising it.

Either way Bard's seems to be doing just fine with their sole Sorghum option.  My dad enjoyed a bottle watching the Patriots (pre-loss for Patriot Nation) and described it as having good "drink-ability" that's great for watching a game, depressing as that game might be.

At around $2 for a single bottle (remember this was part of a tasting challenge? Although if you buy single beers all the power to ya I guess), Bard's is a little cheaper than the average gluten free beer. Knowing it's naturally gluten free provides an extra sense of comfort, and although it isn't setting off any earth-changing-gluten-free-beer-alarms, for a clean, relaxing enjoy-the-game or drink-with-a-burger beer you really can't go wrong!

Happy Friday! What are you drinking tonight?