Trader Joe's White Sandwich Bread

Success! Finally. I feel like there should be trumpets going off or something. After a long few months of various gluten-free bread purchases and a failed homemade gluten-free bread experience, I'm psyched that my dad has finally found a favorite gluten-free sandwich bread.

Trader Joe's White Sandwich Bread has really delivered, according to my dad. Although the bread is on the smaller end, like pretty much all gluten-free varieties we've found, we've been able to keep it in a drawer instead of a freezer, and my dad can't get over the taste. The ability to make a sandwich (or maybe two) for lunch without pulling a few slices out of the freezer to defrost overnight or toast a few hours before taking them to work is a huge benefit. And for someone who's always liked plain white sandwich bread more than the whole-wheat options, finding a simple and delicious brand for easy lunches takes away a lot of the stress of the last few months and planning what to eat in advance.

It looks great too! With some nice density it's chewy, and even with the classic little air bubbles of gluten-free bread it looks like the gluten-full bread we're used to. I can't get over how many new avenues it opens up - now toast with jelly for breakfast, bread as a side with pasta or soup, or even a little PB&J snack are all options again! I wonder how it would work as a crumb topping for haddock..definitely something I'll be trying out since we're constantly going back to TJ's to restock! 

Lots of credit to Trader Joe's for making their own insanely good bread option for Celiacs! Although our closest store doesn't have a gluten-free section, I've been continually impressed by the gluten-free options we've found throughout the store over the last few months.

What's your favorite gluten-free sandwich bread? Any other favorites at Trader Joe's I should stock up on?