Brownie Mix Review: Krusteaz

Not the most appealing name, let's all agree to that out the gate. Hopefully it's a family name?

If you're like me you grew up offering to make brownies just so you could get a few licks of the spatula in once the oven door was closed.  Ignoring the potential for stomachache or - unimaginable to kids since they feel invincible, salmonella! - you'd risk it anything to get that gooey bite, whetting your appetite for the brownies. Going along with the dangerous vibes I'm throwing out, I also like to cook my brownies as minimally as possible. There should be a little crust at the top of the pan, but as soon as you cut through I want to see a fudgy mess. No dry brownies for this lady.

Everything comes together just as you'd expect, and honestly that's more than I've been able to get out of other mixes we've tried lately. You could always throw in a few extra g-free chocolate chips you have around if you want to go wild, but this is a pretty good mix on its own.

But these are the closest to non-gluten-free brownies I've tried yet. Just like your gluten-full mixes, all you'll need is oil, water, an egg and some patience (really wanted to meld the last two together i.e. egg-cellent patience. Couldn't really make it work but still wanted you to know I tried). 

Thank you Krusteaz, for allowing me to continue to live dangerously.