New Cider Alert!

I'll rank my favorite hard ciders a little later this year, but I didn't want to wait to tell you about one of the newer ones out there. Rekorderlig (who you'll soon learn I'm obsessed with) is a Swedish cider company that makes some of the best products out there. As long as you like sweet, fruity cider that is.

Anyway they have come out with a seasonal winner for sure. 


Their Spiced Apple Cider, which comes in these pretty big 16.9oz bottles, has a small banner on it (I mean you just saw it its like an inch up) suggesting it's  enjoyed hot or cold. My new best friend at the local packie told me he tried it warm and wouldn't recommend it that way - hot as hell or bust. I wasn't sure what the best way to truly heat it up would be, and anyway I'm too impatient for that kind of trouble, so I poured some ice cubes in a glass and hit it up like Tupac. Well.

You get a few glasses out of one of these puppies, making the price tag - around $7 - sting a bit less.

I'd probably describe this as the closest hard cider to the true taste of cider, with a crisp, sweet bite. Not my favorite Rekorderlig, but a great seasonal treat!