Blue Cheese, Gluten's Sneakiest Mom*

Oh man. Cheese.

Like who seriously doesn't like cheese? Even the lactose-intolerant people in my life are fans. One of my favorite kinds - for dressing, dips, snacks, hell I could eat it alone - is blue cheese (or if we're important: bleu). 

Unfortunately, many/most sources recommend people with Celiac avoid this godsend since the mold (only time mold is appealing and even then still kinda bogus) used to make blue cheese's blue veins may contain wheat protein. Since this is a HOTLY contested issue in the g-free world (I may have spent a teensy bit too much time reading up on it) I think it's probably safest to just avoid for the time. 

Will someone other than the Canadian Celiac Association PLEASE let this happy family go back to making all sorts of ridiculous blue cheese dips/dressings etc?!

Until then I'm going HAM on white Stilton (Trader Joe's makes an insane one with cranberries).


*You Sneaky Mom!