Gluten Free Restaurants: Houston

On a weekend between work trips, my sister met me in Houston for a long weekend together. We had to pick a location between my two site visits, but there are a lot of options between Georgia and Edmonton, Canada. We were pretty sold on Houston though for one obvious reason: Beyoncé.  Bey is a big fan of her hometown and we are big fans of Bey, so we had to pay homage and explore this beautiful city. It was also the first visit to each of us to Texas (not including airport sits), so we figured we'd start off with Bey's unofficial recommendation.

And did we ever. For three days we basked in the sun (and what I think might be the world's best Whole Foods - they had a bar!), joked around in beautiful museums, and - most importantly - ate a lot of insanely delicious food.

One of the food categories we were most excited about was the Tex Mex, and we were not disappointed. After a morning wandering the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston we realized we were starving and did a quick google search to find the top Tex Mex restaurants in the area that were an easy drive away. I'm a big enough foodie that I usually cross-check whatever comes up on my search with reviews on Yelp and Tripadvisor, and the combination of the two has always steered me the right way.

As soon as we pulled into the Ninfa's on Navigation lot we knew we picked a good one - the lot was packed at 2pm and so was the lobby. This worried us a bit because we definitely get a little hangry, but we were shocked when we were seated within ten minutes! 

The service here was spectacular - immediate offers of drinks and friendly recommendations from our server, chips and salsa that magically appeared in front of us, and plenty of drop-ins to make sure we had everything we needed.

And did we ever.

In addition to our thick, hot, salty chips and ridiculously delicious salsas, we had this divine  (seriously, I had to whip out the word divine like a real hardo to accurately describe it) guacamole. This guac came on it's own plate - like a full size serving plate - alongside extra pico de gallo and onions to mix in. 

When you first walk in to Ninfa's you're greeted by employees making fresh corn tortillas to accompany your meal. With that kind of intro you really have to get something with those gluten free bad boys (although you'd obviously want to check with their staff about any sort of cross-contamination first). My sister and I split the skirt steak fajitas, which came garnished with peppers and onions with sides of rice and beans. Plenty of grilled jalapenos for the daring, too! Alongside some Navigation Margaritas we were in absolute heaven. The steak, peppers and onions had the perfect char, with plenty of flavor in the steak and thick corn tortillas to hold everything together. Each element was perfect on its own, but even more amazing together.

This was one of those meals that is so good your table stops talking. There is nothing like being so excited about your food that you forget where you are and who you're with, and this is one of those places. The food was so good that even after I was stuffed to the brim I kept picking at pieces of steak and bits of rice and beans, adding some guac to my fork to complete each mini-bite.

As always, I don't have Celiac and don't think it's fair I pretend I do to review the gluten-free service (and this was pre-Celiac discovery for my family), so please check with Ninfa's to learn about what they can do to help make sure your experience is safe! And let me know if you have any feedback after heading there or if there are any great gluten free places in Houston we should take the family to next time!