Gluten Free Restaurants: Boston

When you're in the mood for Mexican food (and really, when are you not?), you really can't go wrong as a Celiac person/family. With the exception of flour tortillas, which can be replaced easily enough with corn tortillas, there aren't many ingredients including gluten that are part of the standard American-restaurant Mexican fare. Even so, if you're going to make the effort to leave your home and venture out on a cold winter night, you want to make sure that the place you try to eat is actually going to be able to accommodate your allergies.

That's where Papagayo in Boston comes in handy. With a few restaurants in the Boston area, Papagayo offers their own gluten free menu and servers are well versed in what is available for diners with Celiac. The menu itself is pretty extensive, and my friend Lauren went for the fish tacos, which she's had before and is a big fan of. Even with a party of ten, our waiter made sure he paid special attention to Lauren's food, even bringing over gluten free chips after we ordered guacamole, plus plates to make sure Lauren could portion out some guac before it became infected with the kitchen's tortilla chips the rest of us were having that went through the same fryer as food with gluten. Looking at the chips I guessed they're the Trader Joez's blue corn tortilla chips, which Lau agreed with, but it was a thoughtful gesture on Papagayo's end to make sure there was an alternative chip option on hand. Even though the guac was good enough to eat with a fork :)

When our entrees were brought over, our server made sure to reiterate that the fish tacos were gluten free, and they looked just like the ones off the regular menu. Each of the three soft-shell tacos had a piece of seared tilapia with avocado and slaw. It was so hard to get a good picture of them in the dim room, but they looked way better in person I promise! Everyone at the table was satisfied with their food, which is a tall order for a big group. I'm guessing the chips and margaritas we had as we settled in made us pretty relaxed diners.

With low lighting on brick walls, comfortable booths and plenty of color interspersed throughout the large restaurant, Papagayo's South Boston location is the perfect spot for a drink and some salty, savory food. Come mix with the post-work crowd and let one of the attentive servers help you enjoy going out to dinner without the stress of worrying if you'll have a safe gluten free experience!