Chipotle Is My Life Part 2

Trying to make the most of this new year! In my case, that means spending lots of time after work at the gym and going out with friends, so not cooking as much as I'd like! I'll make it up to you with a picture of my Chipotle from last night! I always go for the bowl - a burrito but with room for more (and no tortilla, which is the only thing with gluten in the store!). My dad went first in our little line, and after explaining that he has Celiac they offered to clean down the line, which they did very carefully. They then made up his bowl, with certain items fresh from new containers instead of the ones on the line (cheese, lettuce, meat) - anyone know why only certain items are added from new bowls?

I always go for the veggie bowl with a side of their dressing. This means more room for - and free! - guac, with white rice, black beans, lots of their peppers and onions (preferable a little charred), cheese, mild and corn salsa (so sweet and delicious!), and a little lettuce to top it all off. I can't get over how much food they give you - you always leave with a Chipotle belly and yet, you ate something super healthy!

I totally trust Chipotle, and in a sick twisted way I'm sort of happy they had the recent issues in certain stores - shorter line for me!

Happy Friday! Hope you're enjoying the last few hours of the week and preparing for a relaxing weekend! Here's one of my favorite covers from my newfound favorite group to take you into the weekend.