Gluten Free Drinks: Lattes

I. Am. Wiped. 

The only thing getting me through the first day back right now is the thought of a big delicious latte. Is that weird - that the thought of caffeine keeping my eyes open is what's currently keeping my eyes open? Whatever it's the truth! 

I'm going to go for something local today since I can't make the hours-long drive to my favorite place, but as always it's in my heart. Woodstar Cafe in Northampton Mass. is my be-all-end-all for caffeine. The Valley has a plethora of life-changing (and life-jittering, if you're having enough) coffee shops, which is perfect with the five-colleges worth of students trying to stay up all week/weekend. I didn't fully appreciate it until after I graduated, but god do I miss it now. One of my professors recommended a (now-defunct) local movie store with lots of cheap DVDs and the Woodstar, noting to my friend and I that a girl could get a movie and one of the best espressos outside of Italy for less than $5. Although the movie store is gone, the Woodstar has completely stolen my heart and I visit it as often as I can.

Their iced and hot lattes (with whole milk of course) are consistently some of the most rich and smooth beverages I've ever had. They make every kind of delicious dessert and loads of breakfast and pastry foods too, so no matter what time you drop in there's a bev and a snack that will be perfect for you. The staff yell out orders to others instead of writing or entering them into a computer, and although your heart may fill with fear at your first visit, with time you'll realize your drink will always be perfect. This is a cozy, colorful place with friendly staff, but if you want to leave there's an old bookstore a few steps away, or the entirety of Noho shopping around the corner. Grab a bev and snack, but save room for later! There's too much amazing food in this area to fill up at just one place.