Gluten Free Restaurants: Boston

Oh, Bon Chon. Sweet, sweet Bon Chon. Anytime you head to one of this international Korean chain's Boston area locations, expect a wait. If you select the Allston/Brighton location, I'd recommend dropping off a friend to put your name in before trying to fight for a parking spot. The good news is the two Boston-area locations I've been to are right in the thick of things, so if there's a wait - when there's a wait - you can cross the street and grab a drink before your table is ready.

And when it's ready you are GOLDEN. Bon Chon is famous for its wings, which unfortunately are not yet gluten-free. But don't let that stop you! They know how to make incredibly flavorful food, and fast. I'd eat here five nights a week if I could afford to. Afford to wait every night without freaking out at someone, that is.

So if the wings are out (and sidebar plea: come on Bon Chon, with this many locations, can't you just make a gluten free recipe?! This shit deserves to be shared!), what should you go for? The bimbimbap! This stuff is just unreal.

And what is bibimbap, you may ask? Only the most aesthetically pleasing way to mix up your own fried rice of sorts! When this bad boy arrives as your table, you have a bowl so hot it's still cooking everything inside. There's white rice at the very bottom, topped with veggies and your choice of protein on top. I always go with the bulgogi, which is a marinated beef - for gluten free, your server will likely tell you but you'll want this without the bulgogi marinade! - but you can top yours with seafood, spicy pork, or al bap, which a quick google search tells me is fish eggs. Alright time for another sidebar: the worst kind of people are the people who ask you what something is when they can google it. Like the friends who text what kind of food they is served at a restaurant or how to get somewhere they they will 100% pull up google maps before they leave. If you have the energy to message it from your smartphone, don't you have the energy to pull up your browser and search it for yourself? Okay end rant! #PetPeeveCity

Once this bowl of happiness arrives at your table with an egg cracked on top, start mixing away! A side of additional spice will get you going if you're feeling wild, but honestly you'll have everything you need right here. There are few things as satisfying as food being prepared for you that you still get to play with before eating. Between the food and the incredibly kind and attentive staff, you'll end up like me and complain about the wait to friends without actually caring.

Have you ever been to a Bon Chon - if so what was your gluten free experience like? As always, I don't pretend I have Celiac when I visit restaurants and only report on my experience with gluten free service when my gluten-free family is there, so I'm always interested in your experience!