Gluten Free Restaurants: NYC

As part of my job, I travel across the country (sometimes outside of it too). This means I get to meet all sorts of interesting people, fail at attempting lots of local accents, and -most importantly - eat. A lot.

I have always taken pictures of my food because I'm a weirdo who likes to explain what she ate to other people, or visit the picture later when I'm trying to remember what I ordered or trying to inspire myself to make an easy version for dinner.

In these Gluten Free Restaurants segments I'm going to showcase gluten free meals you can enjoy across the country. A disclaimer from the start: I do not have Celiac and I do not travel for work with my Celiac family (that would be strange). It would be super inappropriate of me to claim I have Celiac just to review the experience, so I'll only write about the experience for Celiacs if I'm with someone who truly has it. Ergo I don't have specifics on how well the kitchen is prepared to manage Celiacs or what the true range of options are, but this is just a starting point. Even if you don't eat here, maybe you'll try out your own related recipe: if you do please share!

Alrighty then. There are loads of cities I could have started with, but NYC felt right. Mostly because this Mexican restaurant was just ridiculously good. Añejo is situated in Hell's Kitchen, and on a beautiful summer's day I sat on what may be the best people-watching corner with a marg.

What you see before you are: decimated nachos, which were insanely good, and a pork belly tostada (corn tortillas make this g-free!). This bad boy was like a Mexican style pizza in the best of ways - big pieces of a sweet caramelized pork belly with refried beans, pickled onions, radish slices and what the menu characterizes as a "burnt cilantro crema" that I can only describe as "nom."

Of course we stopped in at happy hour, which is my FAVE part of traveling as my state does not have drink specials at happy hour (so it's more like "pleased hour" or "okay hour"), so I had a few delicious margs. I enjoyed the Añejo, which was sweet and tangy in equal measureKnowing that we'd be meandering back to the hotel (walking and ferry's distance away) made it that much easier to relax with a bev and eat as much guac as I wanted. Which is a lot. 

How could you not have a lot of guac when it looked like that though? That is the classic guacamole I love, with no tomato business. Just fresh avocados, limes, sea salt and maybe some onions. Not enough to detract from that perfect color though. Ugh.

I sat outside, where the wicker chairs looked great but felt very uncomfortable, but who really cares when they're stuffing their faces in warm weather? The inside of the restaurant was dark and welcoming, with lots of long, thick wooden tables and smaller spaces squeezed in comfortably together, but as long as it's nice out I'd recommend grabbing some street space.

All in all, a delicious experience!