Chipotle Is My Life


Last time we talked in this section I did a little rant about saving up to eat out and trying new things, blah blah blah.

But I think we can all agree that the exception to our rule is Chipotle. And amen for that!

So anyway now that we're all hyped about Chipotle, here's a little restaurant review:

To catch our recent g-free readers or just general Chipotle fans up to speed, the only product Chipotle warns gluten-free customers about are their flour tortillas. That's pretty great for a huge restaurant. If you were a big burrito fan: 1 I'm sorry 2 but not that sorry because you are going to really enjoy the burrito bowl option. Not only is it all the things you love (minus gluten), but you get to be like me and be super picky about every bite! No longer will you eat a bite of burrito, hoping there's an even amount of your selections in each bite. No! Now you make your own forkfuls. And the dressing! The dressing is a MUST. And the guacamole. That sweet perfect guacamole. I'll try to recreate it with their pico de gallo in a future recipe but let's be honest: you cannot outdo their consistently amazing guacamole.

Just drooling a bit, no big.

Now, when my dad went in and said he had Celiac, the staff clearly had their procedure down pat. They wiped everything down and started fresh for him. As someone who has been very concerned (with good reason) that there could be cross-contamination, this level of awareness by the staff was a huge relief for the rest of us. I had told my dad before that with my food allergies I always felt like I got bigger servings - of things like ice cream - because people felt bad for me. That may be true at some places, but you can't really tell at Chipotle since everyone's servings are enormous. Yasss indeed.

You stay beautiful Chipotle.