Life Made Simple's Insane Flourless Brownies

Holy freaking moly. I've had the biggest fudge-y craving lately.  Like, seriously, I have been craving anything with that thick, chocolately fudge flavor and consistency. Whether that means fudge, brownies or hot fudge that I could heat in a jar and eat with a spoon. The problem with this craving was that I didn't want to try out a new gluten-free mix it or deal with the eventual xantham-gum reminder of mixes I've tried before, but I wasn't sure how to make something fudge-y without gluten. Thank god for this recipe I found then. After searching for hot fudge recipes, I remembered a great flourless chocolate cookie recipe I found in the New York Times Cooking app. Sadly I was missing powdered sugar and it's WAY too cold to go the store after Coming home from work, so I had to give that recipe a rain check. It got me thinking though - if there are gooey flourless cookie recipes, wouldn't there be some flourless brownie recipes too?

Natalie at Life Made Simple's flourless brownie recipe was one of the first ones up in my search, and I could tell from a quick skim through the post that it was a winner. There were only normal brownie ingredients (no avocados or black beans), and everything I needed was already at home! All I'd need was a little elbow grease (more on that in a few).

Honestly though, what most shocked me was how incredibly good these brownies are. They are  everything you're looking for in a brownie – gooey and chocolatey like the ones you take out a few minutes early - but these were perfectly cooked! I totally ignored Natalie's claim in her post that these tasted like the (expensive) Ghiradelli brownie mixes you can buy at Costco until I tried them - and they're actually better than those! I insisted that everyone in the family try some or take one to work the next day. I am still sort of shocked/disappointed that I didn't tell everyone they sucked so I could eat them all myself.

 My only, seriously only, problem with this recipe is super small and totally my own fault. I've mentioned before that I am a complete weakling. In this case I decided It would be more fun to be lazy than weak, with the thought that I'd have one less bowl to clean and I'd be a little bit stronger if I just whisked everything like the recipe called for instead of using my stand mixer for a few minutes. There was a bit more whisking involved than I expected - or more than my tiny wannabe muscles can manage. Next time I'll check my pride and use the KitchenAid. Cleaning an extra bowl isn't a bad deal for these suckers, and if you're like Popeye (with brownies instead of spinach) I think you'll be fine. 

With Hershey's unsweetened cocoa powder, Nestle semi-sweet chocolate chips, a few pieces of Godiva dark chocolate I didn't eat yet (how I'll never know), and salted butter instead of unsalted (plus the few additional ingredients you can select your own brand for), I went straight in on this recipe. The idea of sifting also seemed a little over the top for me, so I poured the cocoa powder and cornstarch in a small cup and stirred together with a fork. Normally our oven cooks a little too fast, but these were ready in 24 minutes, right within the 22-30 minute cooking time.  I worried that the little flecks you can see in the picture above meant I hadn't whisked - though I was getting a leeetle bit sweaty in a freezing cold house - enough. There were no problems  though - no grainy bits at all, just perfect chocolatey happiness.




Fantastic recipe! I never imagined a google search would provide such lucrative results! Here's the link to the recipe again if you missed the embedding above and don't want to scroll (I don't blame you!): .Why do I have a sneaking suspicion that it'll be a weekly staple now?