I'm Kerry, a sarcastic 20-something with a stomach of steel, trying to learn how to cook the food I'm used to without gluten now that some of my family has Celiac disease. I'm inviting you on our adventure through food shopping, cooking at home and eating out.  

Trying to think of what you can eat now that gluten is out of the picture is frustrating. I'm clearly an amateur (and lazy) cook, but my goal is to list out some basic ideas for easy, regular meals and snacks you were used to eating and can still make without much time or cleanup involved, and glean knowledge from others who have been living with Celiac. 

Unless (and until) I end up with Celiac myself I will continue to gorge on gluten, but I'm thinking of this as a record of "g-free" notes for my family and the ever-growing list of people I know who have Celiac or gluten intolerance and their family and friends.  It won't always be pretty, but at least we'll figure it out together. Please share any recipes or recommendations - I'd love to hear from you!


In Cooking, you'll find lists of food I've tried making at home - all quick, easy options unless boldly noted.

In Shopping, you'll find my personal reviews of gluten-free products without endorsement unless clearly marked.

In Eating Out, you'll find gluten-free things I've enjoyed at restaurants across the country (and sometimes outside). I travel for work so my findings include big cities and tiny towns all over the map!

If you want to reach out to me, or find further resources about Celiac disease and gluten, check out Connect.

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